Having a Hard Time Hiring a Web Developer Who Understands Your Business?

Hiring a web consultant is hard work.  You need someone who is not only trustworthy, but can work alongside you and solve your problem.

Even if they are great at what they do, that doesn’t guarantee that they will really understand your business and the specific challenges you face.

If they can’t understand the challenges of your business, it becomes a tremendous risk for you to hire them.

Don’t place bets when it comes to hiring.

What if you hired an experienced web consultant who was both reliable and great at their craft? What if they knew that you don’t just need them for their talent, but that you need to make a positive ROI by investing in them?

What if this web consultant took the time to learn about you and your business and why you are looking for this project in the first place?  What if you could hire a business partner, and not just another run-of-the-mill web consultant?

You’ve come to the right place – that’s what I do.

I’m a web consultant – but most importantly, I’m a business owner just like you. I’ve built my business through solid relationships and getting results for my clients.  As partners, I want to work with you on a project that drives your business forward.

How do I know I can trust you with this project?

I’ve built my reputation on helping my clients improve their businesses. My clients are happy to refer their colleagues to me because they have seen the results of my process for themselves.

I learn the “why” behind your project, and then create a plan for the “how.”

Why do you think you will understand my business?

I know that what you really want isn’t a simple website. What you want are more loyal customers.

Before diving into the project, we will talk about your business and your pain points. This is crucial before planning out the project, and put us on the right path to solve your business’s problems.

What makes you unique?

I don’t just want past clients – I want to build relationships. This means working on projects that boost your business’ bottom line and execute solutions to make your businesses more profitable.

“I have loved working with Tanner on my new web design. I really appreciated all the hard work he put into the customization and that he listened to and executed my creative vision.”

Natalie Schram

I want to make you a lot better off than before you found me.  My clients know I can do this for them.

As a business owner, you want to make profitable investments – you can do this by hiring a seasoned veteran and not a risky hired gun. You want someone who understands what a “return on investment” is and how critical it is to you and your business.

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We’ll keep the discussion on how I can help your business make more money.