Tanner RecordHey! I’m Tanner Record and welcome to my website.

I am currently a senior at Asbury University majoring in Media Communications with an emphasis in multimedia. I have a wonderful girlfriend, a loving family, and great friends. I work in the I.T. department at Asbury as a student worker and I hope I can learn enough that it will carry over into the career path I choose. I am always looking for the next big thing in technology and I love trying to figure out how things work.

Over the past few years I have gained an interest in many different facets of technology ( general programming, app development, networking, and web development). These interests have led me through multiple stages where I first wanted to become a programmer, then web developer, then network manager or consultant for small businesses, and recently I decided to start this website. Since all of these interests are all still viable options for careers I wanted to include them in what I write about. While writing about them, I will be gaining a ton of experience and build an online portfolio if I ever need to refer back to my previous experience or if I just forget how to do something when working with a client on a project.

I am also a freelance web developer specializing in customized WordPress themes and plugins. I give each client a custom built site designed to blend with their business along with some Search Engine Optimization and plugins to create a really strong web presence. Over 80% of the web is viewed through smartphones, therefore it is extremely important that your website looks similar on all screen sizes. In a world so driven by the mobile community, I like to provide each client with a clean, custom tailored, responsive website.

Generally, I just want this website to become a hub of knowledge for both myself and anyone who is struggling through the beginning stages of a project like I have so many times before. And please, feel free to jump over to the contact section and send me a message if you have a question. I’ll try my best to help you out or at least point you in the right direction if I can.


Tanner Record